Victor JHC-12BN Centerless Grinder

Victor 12″ Centerless Grinder, JHC-12BN

Inventory # 7706

Model: JHC-12BN



Standard Work Rest: 0.039″ – 0.98″ Diameter

Special Work Rest: 0.98″ – 1.57″ Diameter


Grinding Wheel Size: 12″ x 5.9″ x 4.7″

Regulating Wheel Size: 8″ x 5.9″ x 3 1/2″

Grinding Wheel Speed: 1,900 RPM

Regulating Wheel Speed: 20 – 337 RPM

Regulating Wheel Tilt Angle: +5° – -3°

Regualting Wheel Swivel Angle: ±5°

Regulating Wheel Feed on Handwheel per Graduation: 0.02mm

Regulating Wheel Feed on Handwheel per Revolution: 4mm

Table Feed on Handwheel per Graduation: 0.05mm

Table Feed on Handwheel per Revolution: 7mm

Table Micro Feed on Handwheel per Graduation: 0.001mm

Table Micro Feed on Handwheel per Revolution: 0.2mm

Dressing Handwheel per Graduation: 0.01mm

Dressing Handwheel per Revolution: 1.25mm

Grinding Wheel Motor: 7.5 HP

Regulating Wheel Motor: 1 HP

Hydraulic Pump Motor: 1 HP

Standard Features:

Machine main chassis is made of high-grade cast iron FC-30 melted by advanced induction furnace then cast by resin cores. It is heat treated by normalizing procedure prior to machining to ensure greater stability and rigidity

Wheel spindle is made of SNC-21H, Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel and case-hardened, carbonized, and then sub-zero degree treated by computerized controlled installation. Surface hardness is more than HCR 62° for a dept of over 1.5mm. Hardness at hub is about HRC 30°, resistance to wear and not easily deformed

Swivel and tilt regulating wheel to accommodate workpiece requirements

Lubrication system for hydraulic dressing and enforced spindle lubrication. The oil tank is located outside of machine for easy maintenance. Two layers of filter plus pressure regulator to ensure cleanness of lubrication oil and oil film thickness consistency to extend wheel spindle life span and accuracy

Wheel dressing device is made of FC-30 cast iron and precision ground. It is driven by hydraulic system with stepless speed regulator for easy and steady dressing operation

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