Gardner 2H30-30 Horizontal Opposed Double Disc Grinder w/ Thru-Feed

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  • BrandGardner
  • Model2H30-30
  • Equipment TypeDisc Grinders


Gardner Opposed Double Disc Grinder 2H30 – Thru Feed Fixture
Encyclon model 654-300DT (300 gallon, dual tank) cyclonic coolant filtration system (bought new 11/13)

This Grinder rebuild was completed in 2013 to grind clutch disks. The job went away and the machine since rebuild has about 100 hours on the grinder and coolant filter. This machine is a 30″ wheel thru feed style with a caterpillar feeder unit for the fastest production rates of any double disc grinder. All new electronics. Soft starter for main spindles. PLC controlled. Stepper drives on the feed slides. Servo drives for dresser and caterpillar feeder. Digital slide readouts with glass scales. Old pneumatic slide movements were replaced with stepper drives that are fully programmable with multi step feeds. All new heavy duty dresser shaft and bearings with servo drive speed control electrics. Wheel spindles and carriers completely rebuilt. Machine will come with feed rail, the exit feed ramp, several spare sets of thru feed guides, several sets of wheels (one brand new in the packaging) one extra set of wheel back plates and all of the original parts that the machine came with from the factory.

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